Smith Center Land Bank

Land Bank logoThe Smith Center Land Bank has the primary responsibility and authority to efficiently acquire, hold, manage, transform, and convey abandoned, tax-foreclosed, or otherwise under-utilized or distressed properties back into productive use. 

The Smith Center Land Bank is an independent agency and instrumentality of the City of Smith Center.



Property Donation

Donation of property to the Land Bank allows for the Land Bank to become responsible for all code violations and maintenance issues on the property. The owner is relieved of back taxes and may receive some income tax benefit from the donation (check with your tax advisor).

To donate property to the Land Bank, please see the donation process guide and property donation form


The Smith Center Land Bank is accepting a minimum of $500 sealed bids on the following two parcels. Bid forms can be picked up and returned to the Smith Center Economic Development office, 219 S Main St. 

200 E Kansas

200 E Kansas


209 S Main

commercial storefront










619 S Lincoln



Contact Info

Economic Development
219 S. Main

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Smith Center Land Bank acquire property?

The Smith Center Land Bank acquires property through purchase, donation or tax foreclosure.

What types of property are held by the Smith Center Land Bank?

Three types are parcels are held:

  • Parcels with a structure: existing structures including homes, garages, and businesses.
  • Buildable parcels: parcels of land without any free-standing structures before purchast, where structures such as houses or other large buildings can be built.
  • Non-buildable parcels: parcels where houses or other large buildings cannot be built, but garages, fencing, paving, or other similar structures can be built.

Who manages the properties in the Smith Center Land Bank?

The Smith Center Land Bank Board of Trustees oversees the Land Bank, which is administered by the Economic Development Director under a strict code of ethics and clearly defined policies and procedures that ensure there are no conflicts of interest. 


How can I purchase a property from the Smith Center Land Bank?

Properties available for sale will be posted on this webpage. No properties are available at this time. A property purchase application will also be available once there are properties listed.