Low Income, Residential Housing

Heritage Townhomes of Smith Center

Heritage Townhomes of Smith Center, L.L.C. formed in 2013 to construct an 8-unit multifamily residential rental community known as Heritage Townhomes located on White Rock Road in Smith Center, Kansas. Smith Center's Economic Development department operates and manages the residential rental community. Tenants must qualify with age and income restrictions in order to complete the rental application process. 

All of the units in the property are qualified for low-income housing credits, which require compliance with regulations during each of fifteen consecutive years in order to remain qualified to receive the credits. The final year of tax credits for the owners of the company is 2023 with program compliance required until 2027. 

For more information about Heritage Townhomes, please contact the Economic Development director at (785) 282-6517.


Western Plains Village

Western Plains Village consists of 48 bedroom units with most of those units being one bedroom units. Since this property has a Project-Based Section 8 contract with HUD, some or all of the rents at this community are based on tenant incomes. Tenants must meet income qualifications, and be 62 years of age or older, handicapped or diabled. 

For more information about Western Plains Village, please contact Judy Hall at (785) 282-6747 for more information. 


Centerview Place

Centerview Place consists of 8 duplex housing units and 2 single family houses that are operated by Northwest Kansas Housing. 

For more information about Centerview Place, please contact Northwest Kanasas Housing at (785) 421-2151. To view their listings click here.


Heritage Townhomes
310 White Rock Rd
Smith Center, KS 66967

Western Plains Villiage
501 W 3rd
Smith Center, KS 66967

2024 Chamber of Commerce Member

Centerview Place
309 Roger Barta Way
Smith Center, KS 66967