Economic Development Department

Smith Center Economic Development is a department of the City of Smith Center, KS, and is funded by a 1/2% sales tax. The department may accept gifts, donations and grants to carry out the economic development plan, programs and services. Contributions from the private sector to SCED projects are encouraged and leverage the investment of public sector funds. Every effort is made to utilize regional, state and federal funds to maximize the impact of local investments to our area's economy.



The purpose of the Economic Development department is to further the economic development of Smith Center, Kansas, by:

  • Assisting and encouraging existing businesses and industries to ensure their continued operation and growth;
  • Identifying, meeting and negotiating with potential new businesses and industries;
  • Promoting and developing specific sites, buildings and locations suitable for business and industry;
  • Developing and implementing an economic development plan; 
  • Promoting the maintenance, beautification and restoration of commercial buildings;
  • Promoting the city’s assets and other resources which will enhance economic growth.

The department's supervisory board is outlined in the bylaws and may include seven to ten members of the community. That board oversees the department staff consisting of a director and program assistant. The bylaws are included in Relevant Documents below.

The board may designate committees to carry out the Economic Development Plan. There are currently two committees: recruitment and housing. The May 2022 Economic Development Plan is included in Relevant Documents below.



Several partnerships and memberships are maintained with a number of organizations to network and connect regional and state resources to our community and surrounding area.  Some of those organizations include: 


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